Case Study
Watch Our $23 Case Study...
Smart Entrepreneurs Results With YouSuite
smart YouSuite
Got 10,000 Clicks on Website – eCom Store
smart YouSuite
Got Over 10kYouTube™ Video Views
smart YouSuite
Grew Instgram account from 0 - 2K followers
smart YouSuite
Increased Saas Apps Sales by 25% in 1 month
smart YouSuite
Added 1,000 new students in Online Photography Course
Your Million Dollar Idea is USELESS When Your Websites don't have TRAFFIC.
Less Traffic Means Less Sales…Less Profits… Which often leads to Business SHUTDOWN.
  • Try SEO – Only if you have 12 months to wait patiently without results; otherwise, it's NOT FOR YOU...
  • Try Facebook™ Ads – Very tough, especially after the recent iOS14 Update – burn 1000s of dollars on testing to get positive returns…
  • Waste time and money buying 100s of those useless shortcut "push-button" fake apps or courses which FAIL You...
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Follow This Smart Strategy To Get Instant Targeted Traffic, Sales and Leads Comfortably For Any Business
REVEALING YouTube's™ Smart TRAFFIC Strategy:
What Does It Mean?
Anyone who visits a Particular Viral & Engaging Video will First See You Ad Before that Video Starts.
Inside Google™ Ads Panel, Simply Add the URL of these Particular Viral Videos to place your ads & show them before the start of the Video. It's that simple!
(Ads Training is included with this Software)
What Does It Mean?
You will Advertise Your Product on the Exact YouTube™ Videos that Your Customers Watch!
  1. Want to attract more buyers to your Real Estate listings? Target popular real estate investor videos to showcase your listing, and get high quality buyer leads
  2. Want to attract more leads to your webinars or call agents? Target top guru’s in your field of expertise
  3. Want to get more restaurants, dentists, hair salons, chiropractors, orthodontists, and other small business owners that outsource the online marketing to you? Target videos that teach online marketing techniques for small businesses
  4. Want to promote Website Hosting? Target Popular Website Hosting Review Videos on YT with Millions of Views
  5. Want Traffic in Home Gardening Niche for eCom Store? Target Home Gardening Videos with Millions of Views
  6. Want to Promote Any App or Software? Target Popular Review Videos on that App and Legally Claim their Traffic to Make Sales
Advertise Over Your Competitors Video, or Any Video in Your Niche or Business
The possibilities are ENDLESS….. header-greeting-layer
If Your Niche has Videos On YouTube™…. You Can Target Them....Grab Their Traffic Ethically In Easy Way by Running Your Videos On Top Of These Popular Videos using YT Ads
How to find these popular videos which can give you UNLIMITED Traffic?
You can manually invest 100s of hours every Week in searching 1000s of related videos for your keyword on YouTube™, Noting down all URLs in an excel sheet, analyze all of the videos, and selecting a few based on guesswork in the hope of TRAFFIC.
Why play guesswork? Why waste 100s of hours (precious time) when everything can be automated easily in just 3 clicks.
Instantly Find The Audiences Of 1000s of Highly Relevant Videos In Your Niche
Get Unlimited Targeted Traffic In Any Niche from YT
  • World's Easiest YouTube™ Traffic Software
  • Ethically Grab Your Competitors Traffic & Customers
  • Quickly Find 100s-1000s of Videos on YouTube™ in Your Niche
  • Advertise on Videos on Page 1 of Google™ & YouTube™ and Claim their Traffic, Sales & Customers
  • Get Insane R.O.I. with Dirt Cheap & Possibly Free Clicks
  • Works for Selling Software Products, Affiliate Products, eCom, Consulting & Every Niche Under the Sun
  • Detailed A-Z in-Depth Training Videos
  • Smart Strategy used by Companies like Amazon, Wix, Clickfunnels, Shopify, etc. to rake in millions
  • Instantly grow your business & revenue & Much More
Start Using YouSuite in 3 Easy Steps
Enter Your Keyword in YouSuite and Get a list of 100s-1000s of Videos in Your Niche
Download this list Containing these Video details
Add this list to Your YT Ads Campaign and Start driving 100% Targeted Traffic Instantly
In Less than 10 min you will have created one of the Most Targeted Traffic Campaigns for your product or service which will drive unlimited targeted traffic, customers, leads & Sales for your offers
Watch Demo Video
Here are some of the Power-Packed Feature of
YouSuite Software
Quickly find 1000s of Targeted Videos
Ethically Claim Targeted Traffic of Your Competitors or other videos in your niche using YouSuite.

Use YouSuite to Quickly find 100s & 1000s of Video in your Niche on which you can advertise your product or service & get 100% pre-qualified Targeted Traffic
Pick & Choose Your Target Videos
YouSuite also give you the option of Picking and Choosing the Videos on which you wish to Show your Ads.

You can preview the video as per your keyword or niche, see its engagement and content and then decide if you wish to display your ad on it or not
Find and Target Related Videos
We all know the power of related videos on YouTube™ and how a related video appearing next to a Popular video can drive drive insane video videos and clicks

YouSuite also has the power to fetch these related videos. Just share a URL of Popular YT Video in your niche and we will give you all the related videos and you can include those in your YT Ad Campaign
In-built hidden keyword finder
In addition to running YouTube™ Placement Targeting Campaigns, you can also use YouSuite software to run Keyword Targeting Campaign

E.g. Show your Dropshipping Unique Dog Collar Ad to people searching for “Best food for Dogs” on YouTube™
Deep Analytics - Know the Videos on which you are advertising on
Detailed Analytics is included with all the videos which YouSuite find for you

You will have all the details about that video like its engagement rate, likes, dislikes, upload date etc so that you can decide if that video is worth advertising on or not.

You can even sort the video results by like count, views etc and only choose top performing or best videos
Works for All Niches, All Countries & All Languages
YouTube™ Ads Training
YouSuite Come with A-Z YT Ads Training which will help get started with YouSuite Immediately
Create Campaigns & Lists
To help you better manage your YT Ad Campaigns, YouSuite lets you create Campaigns and Lists

You can create a new campaign and list for all of your Different products and ad sets and export the video list at your finger tips
Get Targeted Traffic for Pennies
Although Google™ Ads are huge and very very expensive, YT Ads are still relatively under-tapped and being ignored by most of the big and small marketers

Due to this low competition you can still get clicks and views from YouTube™ for pennies
Done-for-You Image & Video Ad Templates to help you get started with your video or image ad in minutes
Done-for-You Companion banner Templates which are show next to your video on YouTube™ so that you don't miss out that additional traffic
100% Newbie Friendly and Fully Automated
YouSuite is 100% Newbie friendly and can help you get started quickly with little to Zero Knowledge about YT Ads or Online Advertising in General
No High fees or Additional Charges
Like our Competitors we don’t charge You Monthly or Yearly high fee. You can enjoy YouSuite at a low one time price
Complete Step-by-Step YouSuite Software Video training and tutorials Included to help you get started ASAP
YouSuite Comes With 7 Figure YouTube™ Traffic Mini-Course! 7figure-border
7 Figure YouTube Traffic Mini-Course For FREE
This is a $297 course but FREE with YouSuite Today, along with 7 Fig. Success Campaign BLUEPRINTS.
There are 10 module training course, and it is designed to take you through things step by step.
We'll take you from 0 sales to your first 100 sales within a week, and finally getting you to a point where you can make consistent sales.
This is the same system that this seller uses to hit 10,000 clicks in a day, so you will want to start at the beginning and go through all of it. You'll see how users find the best keywords, videos, target them and get millions of Traffic with YouSuite’s easy setup
And when you’re business is ready to process thousands of sales, you can start using the YouSuite scaling strategies.
Module 1:
YouTube™ Ad Account Creation
Module 2:
Getting Started for free using YouTube™ Ads
Module 3:
Pixel Setup
Module 4:
Copywriting for your Ad
Module 5:
Creating a Video or Creative for Your Ad Campaign
Module 6:
Creating Your 1st YT Ad Campaign
Module 7:
How to Use YouSuite To Create Profit Pulling Campaigns with or without a product
Module 8:
How to Build a 100k list using YouTube™ Ads for Pennies
Module 9:
Case Studies: Get 10,000 Clicks On Hosting Offer in Easy 3 Steps
Module 10:
Live Webinar Training every Week
This is a beginner-friendly training course that takes you through the essentials of YouTube™ ads, as well as the steps to get a video ad campaign up and running quickly.
Perfect if you are new to YouTube™ advertising or need a quick refresher.
YouSuite +The 7 Figure YouTube™ Traffic Mini-Course
is all you NEED in 2023 to get easy TRAFFIC
  • No more crying for TRAFFIC
  • No more wasting time and efforts in learning Facebook™ ads
  • No more burning 1000s of dollars in testing budgets
  • No more waiting months for results like in SEO
  • Get Unlimited Traffic at Will now
  • Use this Ethical-hack and get targeted traffic from YouTube™
  • Be assured to get results from every dollar spent, even for a newbie
  • Get Instant results from Day 1 via YouSuite+YouTube™
YouSuite Commercial License Included
A must for Agencies, Freelancers, or newbies who want to make a monthly income with Ads Services
With access to Powerful YouSuite, If you ever plan to Put your Gig on sites like Fiverr, Imagine Your Monthly Income even with 10 clients.
Check Out The Bonuses You'll Get FREE If You Buy Today
6 Month Full Feature Account of Progressive Apps Builder Commerical Plan
(VALUE: $197)
Convert Your own or your Clients website into Progressive App and Charge them monthly, yearly, or one-time high fee for your services
6 Month access to 3-in-1 social media auto poster for Facebook™, Twitter™, and Instagram™
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Convert Your own or your Clients website into
Progressive App and Charge them monthly, yearly
or one time high fee for your services
6 Month Full Feature Account of MessengerMix
(VALUE: $197)
Special Members-Only YouTube™ Ads Re-Targeting Training Webinar
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Special Members-Only Google™ Ads Training Webinar
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Total Value Of These Incredible Free Bonuses $1082
+ Many Great SURPRISE Bonuses As Well In The Exclusive
Member's Area!
Let The Numbers Do The Talking!
Here is all you’ll get with YouSuite
  • YouSuite Targeting Software
  • Niche Video Finder
  • Related Video finder
  • Hidden Keyword Explorer
  • Pre-Made Campaign and Ad Templates
  • Pre-Made Companion Banner Templates
  • Extensive Ads Training
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorials
  • Commercial License
See what Top Advertisers are saying about YouSuite
I have been using YouSuite since April this year & my experience with the Software and Support has been Amazing. If you are doing YouTube™ Ads, this is a must-have software for you
Isabelle Stewart
YouSuite have helped me test my client’s YouTube™ Ad campaigns. I would recommend YouSuite to any who how is just starting with YouTube™ ads as placement targeting campaigns are the easiest campaigns to get started with and you can expect quick results.
Marcel Neudorf
Agency Owner
I used YouSuite for my last YouTube™ Ad Campaign and got amazing results. This is the easiest way for getting started with YT Ads
Marketing Expert
I was able to find my 1st Profitable YouTube™ Ad Campaign in under 2 Days using YouSuite. This unique strategy Totally worked for my affiliate promos and product launches
Ankit M
SAAS Entrepreneur
Never Before Features. Never Again Offer. Turning Monthly Recurring Soon
WARNING: YouSuite gives you the key to get UNLIMITED TRAFFIC – the backbone of any business. Power no other software can provide!
What's more? The price is low one time. The price is unbeatable!
Our early bird offer is exclusively available to you for the next 7 days. Commercial License will available only during these 7 days – will expire forever after it.
After this Week, YouSuite will turn back to monthly recurring And this special low one-time offer page will vanish forever!
Risk-Free Purchase- 15 Day Full Refund
We have designed Yousuite keeping in mind YOUR needs. We are confident that it will help you make the profit of your dreams. You have 15 days to check this sophisticated technology out and use it to your advantage.
If you would still like to go back to your comfort zone - the platforms that charge substantially MORE and provide LESS. We will totally understand that too. Your investment is secure with our 15 day full refund policy. Simply contact us and receive your money back instantly.

Tailor-Made License For Your Specific Need

Get YouSuite For Just A One-Time Payment!

Get YouSuite at its Lowest One-Time-Price
Offer May Expire Once You Leave This Page. Get Instant Access Now!
  • World's Easiest YouTube™ Traffic Software
  • Instant find 1000s of Targeted Video in your Niche (Up to 10,000 Videos/Day)
  • Get Unlimited Targeted Traffic In Any Niche from YouTube™
  • Ethically Claim & Transfer Your Competitors Traffic & Customers
  • Get Instant results from Day 1 via YouSuite+YouTube™

  • Create up to 1000 Traffic Campaigns
  • Create up to 1000 List with Unlimited Traffic Keywords
  • Search Videos for up to Massive 500 Keyword per Day

  • Niche Video Finder
  • Related Video finder
  • In-built hidden keyword finder

  • Option to Quickly Export Traffic Video List
  • Detailed Analytics for Traffic from Each Video

  • Done-for-You Ad Templates
  • Done-for-You Banner Templates
  • Supports 100-200 Countries
  • Works for All Niches, All Countries & All Languages

  • YouTube™ Traffic Mini-Course (Worth $297)
  • Extensive Ads Training

  • Dedicated Support
  • 15 Days, No Risk Money Back Commitment

  • Regular Monthly Updates



Normal Price - $197/Year
Launch Special - One Time
YouSuite - Ethically Steal Your Competitors Leads, Traffic & Sales Using YouTube
Get YouSuite at its Lowest One-Time-Price
Offer May Expire Once You Leave This Page
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